Powerful Firestore management with SQL

Jetspike is a data analytics platform for Firestore that enables you to run complex SQL queries, optimize performance and generates source code

Dive deep into data

Compose, optimize and run complex SQL queries. Our advanced visualization and analytics tools help you to turn your data into insightful reports

Real-time SQL to code

Generate node.js code from your SQL automatically, including built-in functions, joins and grouping

Run by one click

Design and run your queries from an interactive web interface without the need to build and host any client application

Focus on performance

Analyze execution time and number of backend calls in individual parts of the query to achieve optimal performance

Powerful capabilities of SQL with the scalability of a cloud database

Overcome the limitations of NoSQL databases while keeping their benefits

NoSQL databases have excellent performance and scalability, but this comes at the costs of limited features. Many functions of traditional SQL datbases are missing.

Jetspike gives you additional capabilities on top of Firestore for fast and efficient data analytics without the need to build, compile and host a client application to access your cloud-stored data.

Advanced SQL functionality for your Firestore

With an industry standard query language your team is already familiar with

Find the optimal plan for you

Free Try out Jetspike for free
per month
unlimited by time
  • 20 queries / day
  • 5 seconds execution time
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Up to 100 rows returned
  • Up to 20 rows modified
  • Basic SQL
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Professional Powerful data analytics solution
per month
$399 if billed yearly
  • 1000 queries / day
  • 15 seconds execution time
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • Unlimited rows returned
  • Unlimited rows modified
  • Advanced SQL
  • Stored views
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Advanced Use Cases

Best way to learn a technology is to use it. In our advanced example, we build a complex report joining records from multiple collections and performing data aggregation. We will show how to solve challenging problems in a way you can encounter in your own applications.

Ready in 5 minutes

See our step by step tutorial on getting started with Jetspike

Extensive docs

Our online resources will help you gain detailed know-how

Focus on security

Learn how to connect to your Firestore in a secure way

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